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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Does This Make Any Sense?

Sometimes I just shake my head in puzzlement over the way some businesses are run!

Who's on my list today?

The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Here's the deal -

We just received our bill for our Friday - Sunday home delivery.  It was $130 for 52 weeks or $2.50/wk.

That seemed a little high, so the hubby suggested I go out on-line and see what was being offered out there.  Lo and behold, I can subscribe to the Pioneer Press Friday through Sunday home delivery for $1.83/wk.


Okay, being the fair sort of person that I am, I decided to call the Pioneer Press and give them a chance to explain themselves and to offer me, their valued, long-time customer, the same rate as I saw on-line.

Alas, it was not to be so.  After speaking to the customer service agent and her supervisor, I was informed that the $1.83 rate was only for new customers.  I informed said supervisor that I would just not renew my current subscription and then start a new one to get the lower rate, thus making more work for the Pioneer Press and obtaining a lower price for myself.  It will cost them more to give me the paper at a lower rate.  When I asked the "helpful" supervisor if that made any sense to her, I was met with dead silence on the other end of the phone.  After about 30 seconds of dead air, she said that these were the rules of the company.

There you have it!  Absolutely illogical business policies that, instead of saving the company money and retaining customers, actually costs the company money and drives away customers.  And all this from a print media company that is losing business rapidly to the on-line sources.

Who knows, maybe I won't renew and just get my news on-line :-)

And now, just for the Pioneer Press employee whose job it is to monitor the internet for complaints....feel free to offer me the better rate :-)

And just a few words for the above-mentioned employee to find my blog when they are googling........complaint, bad customer service, over-priced, Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, poor,

There.  That should do it :-)

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