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Monday, January 31, 2011

Burns Night

This weekend was chock-full of good times.  After the lovely date with my hubby on Friday night, Evan and I enjoyed a Burns Night celebration with his band.  For those of you who are not familiar with Burns Night you can read my previous post on the event.  This was MY first Burns Night celebration.  In 2009, Evan and Chris went while I stayed home with the rest of the kids, so it was my turn this year.

I mostly wanted to go so I could hear Evan do the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns toast, hear Evan's quartet play (for the first time in public, and not just in our living room) and so I could dress up and act adult-like again (two days in a row!).  It was a very nice evening with a great group of people! 

One important part of Burns Night is the Toast to the Haggis (which Kathleen performed excellently, no easy task since it's not in modern English.  I actually haven't the foggiest idea what was said about the haggis, but she did a great job at it!)
Now if you've never had haggis it's.....well, it's....like a giant liver sausage/pate (I know, sounds tasty, doesn't it?)
 This was my first experience with haggis and by all reports, this was a very poor representation of haggis!  It was NASTY!  Not to be easily deterred though, I will try it again....maybe in a few years.

Evan's toast went over well and the quartet ROCKED!  I can't wait to hear them compete in Winnipeg!!!

Here's a picture of the quartet after their performance.  They were exhausted, but pleased with how it went.

Gotta go.  It's Monday morning and the little people are wanting breakfast!  So much for my adult-like weekend, I'm back to being Mom :-)

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