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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Fine Weekend

Finally, the weather has turned warm and I got to spend almost the entire weekend outside.  Ahhh!  I needed that!  So, I will recap the weekend for you in pictures...

I spent much of the day Saturday doing this...
And here are some of the beautiful flowers I was able to plant.  Would you believe these beauties came from the grocery store?
On Saturday night we decided to have our first bonfire of the year.  It really is just an excuse to eat s'mores, because as you can see, very few people actually sit around the fire except when the s'mores are being made.
So what  are people doing instead of sitting around the fire? 

Playing ninja. (I haven't the foggiest idea what this game involves, but the kids sure looked silly striking ninja poses)
Apparently shouting for joy was an exciting pastime. 
As was carrying around your younger sibling
Relaxing on the grass is always a fun time, as well.
Eating chives is always Raelea's favorite thing to do.  She actually spends most of her summer smelling like chives. 
Um, I'm not sure what Molly is up to, but we do have an inordinate number of pictures of her doing this...
In addition to all this excitement there was also a rousing game of keep away - boys vs. girls.  Girls won....teehee...at least that's how I figure it :-)

And last but not least, here's the cute dog we're dogsitting for the week.  He enjoyed the evening of fun as well.
There you have it - my weekend in review.  Today was spent much finishing up the planting and spending as much time soaking up the sun as possible.  I hope you had a great weekend as well.

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