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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let The Festivities Begin

The Christmas Season has kicked into full gear over here as of this weekend.  After our very sad day on Friday, we started doing the Christmas thing full bore on Saturday.  Chris' birthday marks the day to get our Christmas tree every year, a tradition started in his family when he was young.

This was the first time we've ever had to cut a tree in the RAIN.  We've done snow before, we've done sub-zero temperatures, but never rain...until this year.

Chris - ready to cut the first tree that gets in his way

Okay, maybe not this one though...

Raelea thought maybe she should be doing the cutting.

Finally, a perfect tree was chosen.

The tree cutting was followed by tree decorating.

Erin joined in on the decorating tradition.

Much thought is always given to where to place each ornament.  Okay, not really, the little kids just put them on wherever they feel like it, usually one on top of another!

It doesn't seem that long ago that Snickers was just a little pup enjoying her first Christmas.

 All the fun of Saturday was followed with more fun on Sunday.  We hosted a little Christmas party with our small group from church.  As always, much good food was made and then consumed in great quantities.  It's a requirement of joining our small group - you must like to cook good food and eat lots of it!

As is tradition, we had a white elephant gift exchange.  Molly was waiting to see what sort of treasure she would end up with...

As you can see, she got quite the gift!
There you have it!  A weekend of festive holiday activities.  I still haven't sent out my Christmas letter...sorry!  Hopefully, I will be doing that tomorrow...or maybe Tuesday.  And somewhere in there, I will need to finish my Christmas shopping as well.


  1. How exciting! You have a blog. Since I don't walk down the street to often, it will be fun to see what you're up to on your blog. You are inspiring!

    1. Ahhhh, so you got the Christmas letter :-). Yes, Paula, you'll find out all sorts of interesting things here on the blog!


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