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Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's My Blog

So hold on to your hat, Babe!  I'm fuming mad, and BECAUSE it's my blog I'm going to vent right here! If you're not interested...or ready...you better go read something else!

(deep breath)

It seems that some woman named Hilary Rosen has stuck her foot in her mouth in a BIG way by saying, Mitt Romney's wife "never worked a day in her life."  Now I don't know what Ms. Rosen does all day with her time, but I can guarantee you there is not a stay-at-home mom on this planet who doesn't work her rear end off every single day!

Ms. Rosen, while you spent your day today offering artificial apologies (I'll get to that later),  let's see what THIS stay-at-home mom did all day...

5:30 woke up, showered, read my Bible
6:30 put the finishing touches on a science lesson that I will be teaching later to 3rd - 12th graders
6:50 fed my son
7:15 woke up six more kids and began breakfast for them
7:30 Took one child to a doctor's appointment
8:30 Came home and made dinner for the crock-pot
9:15 started school - taught six children in four different grades every subject required by law
10:30 started making lunch
11:00 fed kids lunch while preparing to get six kids to co-op
11:30 helped two children prepare for giving presentations at co-op, while gathering all the necessary items to entertain my students with interesting physics experiments
11:45 make a quick stop at Target on the way to co-op
12:00 arrive at co-op, help children set up their displays for their presentations, set up my science classroom
1:00-3:15 teach three class of science (physics today, if you're wondering) to approx. 30 children
3:30 load everything back into the van to go home
4:30 fielded a phone call regarding some educational choices
5:00 get dinner on the table (that would be a homemade dinner, btw)
7:00-8:30 continue to teach one child math

During this entire time I was also acting as a medic, counselor, psychiatrist, tutor and chauffeur.

So, Ms. Rosen, while I am sure you are emotionally exhausted from your strenuous day, I am physically and emotionally exhausted from mine!  And you know what?  I will get up tomorrow and do it all over again (sans the co-op- but adding other chores), and then I'll get up and do it again, and again, and again...Do you get the idea yet??

Okay, now let's move on to your fake apology, shall we?  Now, here's the deal.  When we apologize here at our house it goes something like this, "I'm sorry for doing _________.  It was wrong of me.  Will you please forgive me."  Notice a couple things about this apology.  First, an apology acknowledges that we have done something WRONG.  Second, a proper apology should ask for forgiveness.

Now, let's look at your apology.
 "I apologize to Ann Romney and anyone else who was offended," Rosen said in a statement Thursday. "Let's declare peace in this phony war and go back to focus on the substance."
Hmm, a couple things are NOTICEABLY missing. 1) an acknowledgement that YOU WERE WRONG and 2) a request for forgiveness.

Notice the "I'm sorry YOU were offended."  So instead of an apology, we get an off-handed slam for being offended by her statement.  As though the being offended was the problem!

Okay, I'm done now.


  1. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  2. Ooo-oo, I missed the hullabaloo, but now, as my hubby says - I have "my fur pet backwards" and I have to agree wholeheartedly with every word! I am offended when anyone apologizes that I am (_______). That is not an apology, that is basically telling me it is my problem. Grrr. Talk about fueling a fire! Not to mention the initial insult! Who is Ms. Rosen anyway??

    1. She's a Democratic strategist. I'd never heard of her before, but I'll remember her now! Btw, I love the "fur pet backwards" remark! Love it!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. Way to go, Barb; now if we could only get this published along with Linda's poem.


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