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Monday, April 30, 2012

Reflections on Hannibal

We just finished studying Hannibal in history, as in the Hannibal who took elephants over the Pyrenees Mountains  and the Alps.  The Hannibal who pushed back and annihilated the Roman army.  He was an amazing general.  But, he never did take Rome, he never achieved his ultimate goal.

One of the reasons he won so many battles is because he chose where the battle would take place.  He picked his battlefields to his advantage and his enemy's disadvantage.

As I was reading Psalm 18 this morning, it struck me that Hannibal lost the war largely because his supply lines were cut off.  He wasn't able to get reinforcements because the Romans controlled the seas. 

Although I don't own elephants and I am not commanding soldiers, I need to fight my own battles today, and every day.  The first half of Psalm 18 assures me that God will fight on my behalf, I am not alone in any battle I face.  The last half assures me that I will never be without reinforcements and supplies, and I will always have a choice battlefield to fight on.

Psalm 18:19 tells me that God brings me to a broad place and he rescues me, and verses 33 and 36 remind me that he gives me a wide place for my steps , so my feet won't slip.  God chooses the best field for my battles.

Verses 28 -50 assure me that He will supply me with:light in the darkness, battle readiness, a shield, a refuge, strength, training for the battle, continuous support and deliverance. 

My supply line will NEVER be cut off!

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