Now, with eight kids, several animals and a husband at home, you might think that I am never bored. Not so! Sometimes, I just don't have anything to do. Okay, that's not quite accurate. Let's say, I don't want to do the things that I should do. There. That's better.

Anyway, so what does Barb do when she hasn't anything to do? First, I make myself a cup of tea. That's a very important first step in combating boredom. Then I choose from a long list of mindless activities. Here's a sample:

Check my Facebook page
See who's visited my blog lately (it's kind of like reverse stalking)
Play Scrabble on my iPod
Eat chocolate (this is my favorite boredom buster, btw)
Hold a bunny
Check my e-mail
Read other people's blogs
Read the news off my iPod (I really like my iPod)
Compose obscure blog posts in my head
Look for new quotes for my blog
Snuggle with the dog (I have the best dog ever)
Check on the hamsters (make sure they're still alive and such)
Make more tea
Check J. Piper's tweets on Twitter

Usually by this point, my "free time" is gone and someone, somewhere in the house "needs" me.

Notice the things I don't do when I'm bored:

Clean the clutter off my kitchen cupboards
Um, anything involving cleaning
Write a novel or even a short story
Mend the pile of clothes that need mending

Well, now you are thoroughly bored by reading this post, but at least I've given you a list of ideas to combat your boredom ;-)


  1. Barb,
    Your posts are not boring! I enjoy reading them very much. Thank you for all the time you do put into your posts. I am truly thankful!

  2. I saw that pile of ironing how about tackling that when your bored??? I don't get it! :-)

  3. Oh no! I've been caught! Actually, Tami, I already tackled the ironing. It took about two hours, but I did it ALL. Pretty good, huh?

  4. Aren't you glad this is off your plate? That was pretty short considering the pile!! GO on and reward yourself with no further housework for a month! ok, well at least until you get done browsing all your media sources :)

  5. Well, I can't go a month without house work, but I CAN go a month without ironing :-) Oh wait, then I'll end up in the same boat I was in before. Grr. Actually, there are already three or four items that need ironing...


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