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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just A Taste

I can't possibly post the 399 pictures I took on our vacation, so I will have to post just a tiny taste here. For my Facebook friends, I posted an album on my Facebook page. My blog buddies will have to settle for the few select pictures I post here :-(

First, the trip down...

snow in Mississippi :-( Actually, it snowed through all of Iowa, some of Missouri and then the southern part of Mississippi and Alabama within about two hours of our destination :-(But, we finally arrived and there was no snow on the beach, thank goodness!We went to a pre-Mardi Gras parade in Foley, Alabama...
And then the kids went for a swim...much to the amazement of the other snow-birds on the beach. I think we became known as "those crazy people who let their kids swim when it's only 53 degrees out." Check out the coats, etc. that the "observers" are wearing!

I don't think she actually ate it, I think she just stared at it...
More time on the beach...
Uncle Peter begins digging his trademark hole in the sand (great for getting out of the wind).
Raelea, following Uncle Peter's example -
The finished hole -
Then came Girls' Spa Night -
Followed by Fat Tuesday. My first real Mardi Gras parade. My response, "Wow, that was excessive!"

On Wednesday we went to the Wentworth History Museum in Pensacola. It IS my kids favorite place to go when we are down there (aside from the beach of course).

(you have to love the rat on the table!)
Back to the beach....sometimes you have to go swimming in your clothes...

Geocaching was fun (kind-of, actually we only found two out of five caches and it was REALLY muddy and swampy) and we went to the candy store afterwards. Uncle Peter - still digging. He pretty much spent the whole vacation with a shovel in his hands. Next year we'll get you a power shovel, Peter.

Walking the beach was a favorite pastime.
Me, being artsy...
Visited the pier in Gulf Shores. The kids saw someone catch a shark. It was thrown back in before I got there :-(

And a bit of mini-golf was on the agenda our last day there.
THere you have it. Gulf Shores 2010 in a nutshell.


  1. I think it's funny that you took exactly 399 pictures. Why not just one more?

  2. Honestly, I didn't know that's how many I took until I uploaded them to my computer today. I thought it was a pretty fun number though :-)

  3. I am wondering what the big hole was for?

  4. The hole? Well, it gets pretty windy on the beach which makes it feel chilly even when it is quite warm otherwise. If you sit down in the hole, you are out of the wind, but still in the sun and therefore, much warmer. Peter digs it out for us each year to give us a non-windy place to sit :-)

  5. Thanks for posting the pictures. I still have not loaded mine to the computer. Brings back memories of the fun time we had.

  6. Very interesting! How big does he make the hole? Can everybody get into it? Or do you have to take turns?

  7. Oh, it's plenty big! You can fit about 10 people in it. It's like one of the seven wonders of the modern world :-)


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