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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Information

Some of you were not happy with me being chary (*see vocabulary word of the month) in my description of events yesterday. So, for inquiring minds, I will fill in the details.

We have a problem here - rogue teenagers in our park creating mayhem. Let's go back to springtime - we found some "drug paraphernalia" in the park behind our house. Then we found another item which I will not elaborate on. All this lead us to notify the police of "suspicious" activity going on there. The police, having nothing better to do in our normally quite suburb, stepped up surveillance of the park and our neighborhood.

All seemed well until about two weeks ago when some teenagers hopped out of a car and chased a little 7 year old in the neighborhood. When I went to the park to check on things the boy informed me that the teenagers were"helping" him (it should be noted that said teenagers were still in the park within hearing distance). I didn't confront the teenagers, partly because they didn't look like the sort of kids who would respectfully take a scolding from a middle age lady. I did however let them know that I now knew what they looked like and I also got the license plate number from their car.

Fast forward, apparently a group of teenagers/kids have been making homemade bombs in our park and on Monday night they threw three of them at a neighbors house. Two of the bombs detonated, thankfully the largest one did not. This little bit of teenage terrorism is what brought the slew of police cars, police dogs and investigators to our neighborhood yesterday morning. Obviously, the police were very interested in the license plate number, although they have no way of knowing if those kids were the same ones that made the bombs.

On our part, we have stepped up our own "surveillance" of the park. Even if the police don't catch these kids, I want them to know that they aren't going to be able to hide in our park anymore.

Ironically, aside from one memorable night, we never had anything like this happen when we lived in Minneapolis - so much for the safety of the suburbs!


  1. Ooh. That's bad. I hope no one gets hurt.

  2. Whoa! Crazy! Your neighborhood sounds as exciting as ours in West Bloomington. In early August, some hooligans stole our next door neighbors Jeep. (He was leaving on a business trip the next day, had packed his vehicle, and forgot and left it unlocked with the keys in it.) They woke up at 1:30 to hear a car starting and looked out the window to see the Jeep heading down the road. The thieves crashed it into a tree a few blocks away and ran. This brought out the police helicopter hovering overhead and shining lights on our houses. As it turns out, we slept through it! Guess we were tired.


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