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Saturday, September 26, 2009


You might wonder why you are not getting blog updates on Aidan's football season. I know you are waiting to hear reports of Patriots football. Well, truth be told, the games have hardly been blog-worthy - until today that is. The Patriots finally won their first game today!

Go, Patriots!!

They were down by one touchdown after the first drive, but spent pretty much the rest of the game in the lead. We, parents of Patriots, were beside ourselves with glee to watch our boys play well AND win! Aidan played a nice game with a score stopping tackle and some good blocking.

Yippee! They won't end the season without a win. 1-8 isn't great, but it sure beats 0-9.


  1. Good work Aidan. I would have loved to see that game. There is always next year. Grandma

  2. Great work Aidan. It is good to end on a winning note. Grandma


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