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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Got A Deal

I just have to share my good deal with you all. I'm so excited! We're in the process of moving Zoe out of a crib and into a real bed. To do this we bought a bunk bed for Emily & Raelea (who share a room with Zoe) and we were in the market for a twin captain's bed for Zoe. We need a captain's bed because they need the drawers and the room isn't big enough for a a bunk bed, a twin bed and a large dresser. Anyway, I found a twin captain's bed with a mattress and a chest of drawers for a really good price on craigslist.

We were a little skeptical of the quality we might find when we went to look at the bed, but lo and behold, it was all very sturdy and almost like new. Yippee! Once again, God used craigslist to provide us with the bed we needed in the price range we needed (two of our other captain's beds were purchased off of craigslist a couple of years ago).

Just wanted to share my happiness :)

We didn't have to time to put up the new beds yet, but it's scheduled for Thursday night. Stay tuned for pictures of the updated bedroom. Emily & Raelea are excited to each have their own bed!


  1. Good job Barb! I have yet to buy from Craig's List. I did giveaway and sell stuff on Craig's list,though.

  2. ohhhh, nothing better than a good deal on something you need! In the days before Craigslist, we needed a bunkbed and found a great one on the side of the road for $30!


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