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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Don't Recommend...

Taking five kids to the police station with you when you get fingerprinted! Not that it was horrific or anything like that, there's just not a lot for them to do there. I don't think I've mentioned this, but Marcus doesn't understand the idea of waiting for something. He had no idea why we had to sit in the waiting room for 20 minutes or why did it take the fine officer 30 minutes to get Mommy's prints done (although he did find that rather fascinating and kept asking me if it hurt).

Now, here's the question that continually plays out in my mind. This is our fourth adoption. Each time we have been fingerprinted (sometimes at this very same police station). We were even fingerprinted at USCIS. So why, please someone tell me, do I have to keep going in to get this done. Don't they save these prints in some data base forever????? Do they think my prints have somehow changed since last spring? And how many background checks must a person go through before they realize that I have eight kids so therefore I have NO TIME to commit any crimes????

Sorry, just a few thoughts that played out in my brain while I was walking Zoe's stroller around in circles in the police station waiting room. BTW, we have very friendly public servants here and everyone that helped us was very nice (was that proper grammar? Where is my Strunk & White when I need it?)

Gotta go check on the dabo in the oven


  1. Barb,you brave woman!Why do you need to be fingerprinted after the adoption?Do you still need to re adopt them? I think we need to get re finger printed before our re adoption ( including Elena and Grant) because of A new Adam Walsh law (?).We did not have to do that last time around.
    What I think is funny is to go through all the figerpriting,home study stuff,ect... and still need to have a background check to serve at church.

  2. Yes, Tina, it is for the Adam Walsh Law. Go figure, they are doing a background check AFTER the kids are already in our home! Strange!


  3. Barb,
    My dh is a criminal investigator and if he arrests the same person 2 days in a row for different crimes they have to be fingerprinted each time!!! Now I'm not suggesting we're in the same category as criminals, I'm just suggesting the absurdity of the program! (government, you know)


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