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Friday, April 4, 2008

Are We Done Yet?

With winter, that is. It's not just that I am TIRED of snow and cold. What is really driving the question is I want to know if I can put away our winter clothes, especially the boots. Ten pairs of boots take up a LOT of room in my foyer closet. Because of this, shoes tumble pellmell out onto the foyer floor (consider there are at least 20 pairs of shoes in that closet as well). So, my question is, can I put away the boots yet?? Oh, what bliss to have all the shoes IN the closet!


  1. Okay it's April 4th, the temps finally reached almost 60 today, at least in Rochester they did, Tim's flowers are starting to come up out of winter hibernation, so I would say, "go for it...time to put the boots away!!!"

  2. Barb, I took the extra rug by the back door that we use when we all track in snow and mud and put it away for the year. So go for it, put the boots away. Love, Mom

  3. I shall say good-bye to my boots and you can put them away I suppose,


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