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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Host of Events

This week we are hosting a host of events!  On Tuesday night it was the National Night Out, where we had a block party with our neighbors.  It's always a fun time, as we have great neighbors!

Today we will be hosting 30 or so jr. high kids for something called a Junior High Jam which is a bi-weekly event for the junior high kids at our church.  They will be arriving sometime around 10:00 and staying until about 3:00.   Which leads you to the questions, why is she blogging instead of getting ready?  I'll ignore that question.  Actually, my only job in this whole day is to provide the yard for them to meet in and to feed them lunch.

Then, tomorrow I am going up to the cabin for the weekend with Evan and about ten of his friends.  This last event should be a blast for me, as he has great friends, and they only need minimal chaperoning.  So, really, I'm going up to the cabin to relax, read, and generally have a good time!  Oh, and I'm responsible for cooking for the hoard, as well.

I am looking forward to next week being a little slower though!

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  1. How did it go Barb? Have a good weekend with Evan and his friends!!


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