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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Love Camping!

Really, truly, I LOVE camping!  I grew up camping most weekends in the summer.  We took week-long, or longer, trips almost every summer, as well!  It was great!  I have so many fond memories of camping when I was young that I want to give me children a gift of those memories as well.

I think the thing I loved most about camping when I was a kid was that we were all together and not all being pulled in separate directions by different social calendars.  I knew that, for that time we were camping, the family would be the main focus.  I loved it!

So, we created memories this past weekend.  We declared it an electronics free weekend, so all iPods, iPads, MP3 players, laptops, etc. were banned!  Hallelujah!  Nobody was holed up in the camper with ear buds shoved in their ears :-)

The four hour drive up to the great North was worth it.  We were rewarded with lovely weather, great scenery and superb ice cream.  Btw, for those of you wandering around the Itasca State Park area, Emmasville has great ice cream!  I would HIGHLY encourage all of you to wander around Itasca State Park sometime.  It is a beautiful park with lots and lots to see and do, the high point being walking across the Mississippi River at its headwaters, of course.  The fire tower gives you a great view of the park as well, but your thighs will ache for about three days afterwards :-(

Okay, now for some photos!

A little sibling love

The mandatory hike across the Mississippi River.  My earliest childhood memory is of doing this very thing when I was about four or five

 Potential Christmas photo

Nina, looking beautiful even when she hasn't showered in days

Teasing the little fish off the dock

 Hanging with Aidan in the morning sun

Lots of hiking

 Riding to the beach in Uncle Peter's truck

Gotta love Jiffy Pop Popcorn!

The happy campers

There is one little, itty, bitty thing I DON'T like about camping...actually there were hundreds of itty bitey things I didn't like....but they sure liked me...

Actually, there were hardly any mosquitoes the entire time we were there, which is why we didn't put on bug spray when we went for a hike on Sunday...big mistake...but I sacrificed my legs so that the mosquitoes wouldn't bite the rest of the people...I'm still scratching...ouch!

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  1. Bard, Donna here, Thanks for sharing your blog with me. This is great! Love the camping pictures. Haven't made it to the M&S pics yet. lol but I will!


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