Well, That Was Frightening

Being that it's Halloween and all, I thought I would undertake a truly frightening chore. 

I decided to clean out my refrigerator.  As you will recall from my previous post, my refrigerator is a bit....full, shall we say?

Let me remind you what it looked like...

I will say that I got rid of some truly frightening items, the worst of which was something with a "use by" date of 2005!  That means it's been in our fridge almost as long as we've lived in this house!  Ewwww!

I also cleaned up some nameless, red, sticky stuff all over the back of the shelves, consolidated four bottles of taco sauce, four jars of maraschino cherries, two jars of kalamata olives, two jars of capers and threw away the fuzziest cucumber I've ever seen.   

Behold the new, clean refrigerator...
While the hour I spent emptying and cleaning the fridge may not have given it a noticeable appearance difference, it is now safe to eat anything in there!


  1. Ewww...Well I am wondering how in the world an item from 2005 made it into your
    new fridge?? That’s scary !

    1. Ummm, yeah....we're not going to talk about that.


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