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Sunday, October 6, 2013

We're Infested

I came home from camping last week to discover that my house was infested with fruit flies!  We had recently eradicated some pesky moths from our kitchen, and now this! My long-time readers know that these are not our first infestation problems.

Now we've had fruit flies before...mostly around fruit.  Not this time!  They're everywhere!  And don't even think about leaving a partially drunk cup of coffee on the counter!  It will be a swimming pool for little fruit flies before too long.  Yuck!

Well, my dear sweet husband has decided that today is the day we wage war on the fruit flies.  How does one wage war on fruit flies you ask?  Good question.  That's the same question we were asking ourselves this morning.  Thanks to the handy-dandy internet, we discovered that the first thing to do is put bleach down your drain. Apparently, fruit flies like kitchen drains.  Then there's the obvious stuff like wiping off countertops and keeping fruit in paper bags.

Finally, we built a fruit fly trap.

Already, our nifty little trap has caught many friendly, fruity flies. Can't wait to see it tomorrow morning.  While there were some catch-and-release traps on-line, we chose the catch-and-watch-them-die sort!  It's much more satisfying!

Hopefully, we will be fly-free REALLY soon.  Stay tuned to find out what our next infestation will be!

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