"Anyone can have one kid. But going from one kid to two is like going from owning a dog to running a zoo." - P. J. O'Rourke

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How Do You Know?

I had one of my children ask me the other day, "How do you know there really is a God?"

I tried to explain to him that I had "seen" God.  Seen him in his answers to my prayers, seen him in Creation, seen him in the works He's done in my life....  Not much of this was sinking in to Dear Child, as he was in a funk/rage at the time.

Then it occurred to me, I knew God was real every time my child threw a massive fit and I responded kindly.  When I've been spat upon and looked lovingly back.  When I've been kicked and not struck back, but instead offered loving kind words.  I know God is real because I am not capable of doing those things!  I am a short-tempered, impatient, self-centered person, by nature.  I am.  I'm not being self-depricating, I'm telling the truth.

Every time I respond lovingly to unjustified abuse, that's Jesus living in and through me.  I SEE him, and it occurred to me, that is how my child will learn to SEE him.  So, every one of these fits we endure, every outburst of anger/fear on my child's part, is an OPPORTUNITY for God to make himself real to my child.

It hit me right in the chest, that my resentment over these outbursts should be changed to thankfulness because each one represents an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to my child.

I wish I succeeded more than I fail at this, but it's hard.  I'm human.

As the late Rich Mullins sang, "It's hard to turn the other cheek, hard to bless when others curse you, oh, it's hard to be a man of peace, oh it's hard, so hard, hard to be like Jesus."

Truly, that I succeed EVER is, quite literally, divine intervention!


  1. Wow - thank you for hitting home with these words today. I needed to hear it! This post is further evidence that God is intimately involved in encouraging us as we walk the hard road as parents.

  2. Wow! Excellent wisdom...divine wisdom!! Thank you for sharing & encouraging.


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