Getting Decked!

No, I haven't been in a brawl (I haven't even been to Guthrie yet...oh, wait, forget I said that...)

We are FINALLY beginning to build our deck.  It was the first thing to go when we added on to the house last year, and it is the last thing to be replaced.  That's okay though because it is finally getting done...or at least started.

As with most building projects, this one begins with digging holes.

My dear husband had no idea that he would spend an ENTIRE Saturday digging three holes, but that's the way it worked out.  We have the dubious distinction of living in a VERY rocky area.  Rocks and digging holes are not compatible companions :-(

All of his hard work has paid of though, and we now have three very beautiful holes dug in our yard, just waiting for cement to be poured in (after the required inspection, of course).

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