My Brush With Fame

Otherwise titled "They May Not Know My Name, But They Know My Friends and They Know Our Moniker."(well, kind of at least)

Interesting night last night was...but first, a little story....

You all know I will soon be trekking down to Oklahoma to see Mumford & Sons perform.  What you don't know is that I am meeting up with some dear, dear friends there.  Dear friends I have never met in person, but with whom I have skyped, talked on the phone, emailed, exchanged many laughs, gifts, etc.    I met this lovely bunch of ladies on the Mumford & Sons fan forum.  We're an "older" crowd, so we made our own little subgroup on the forum (meaning we're the fans that don't want to marry one of the band members, we'd rather mother them).  Our little group of eight is pretty tight knit.  Four of these lovely ladies have already met in person and done that concert thing.

Here's the story...

Last year, four of my Mumford friends (we call ourselves the Sisters of the Road - SOTR) went to Nashville to see a few Mumford & Sons concerts.  While hanging out in Nashville they happened to have a few conversations with "the boys."  During those conversations, it came out that my friends had met through the band's fan forum - this surprised and pleased the members of the band GREATLY.

Fast forward to last night.  What should my friend Donna put out on Facebook, but a little clip from a recent Q magazine article....

Apparently, even a year later, Marcus remembered talking to Donna and what she shared about our little group (even if he got the name our group wrong).  If you want to read Donna's first hand account of all this, you can find it here.

As excited as I am for the concert in Guthrie, I am even more excited to finally meet, face-to-face, these wonderful ladies who are my Sisters of the Road!!  I am absolutely CERTAIN I will come back with stories to tell!

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