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Monday, July 22, 2013

Colorado Adventures

The adventures of the non-flat portion of the family were more varied and exhausting than those of our flat members.  We spent two days on the road, arriving in Rocky Mountain National Park around 6:00 pm on Sunday.  Because of a little navigational snafu, we entered the park on the opposite side as our campground.  This afforded us a complete tour of the park.  It was stunning, albeit a bit foggy at times. 
 Nothing like navigating hairpin turns along steep embankments, pulling a trailer in the fog!  Ah, great fun!  No vapor lock this time, for which we are EXTREMELY grateful!

We finally arrived at our campsite around 8, and were welcomed by some mule deer wandering through our site.  We explored Estes Park and hiked around the park for a few days. 

I found this sign at the golf course in Estes.  Who knew that elk could be mean?  Not me.  All the elk we saw seemed quite friendly.

We ate lunch on this lovely rock, about halfway up the mountainside.  The views can't be beat!

The end destination of our hike.  Let me tell you, the altitude really makes me feel out of shape!

I found this strange "cage" on the hill behind our campsite.  I decided to lock the littles up for a little while.

On Wednesday we headed south to the Colorado Springs area, but we had to make a stop at Red Rocks on the way.  I was hoping to stand on the stage, but alas, they were preparing for a concert there that evening :-( It was beautiful nonetheless, and I have decided that if Mumford & Sons ever does another concert there, I will make the 16 hour drive to be there!

A fair amount of this type of activity was going on all week.
While in the Colorado Springs area we visited Garden of the Gods.  It was spectacular!  I strongly suggest visiting it in the late afternoon.  The lighting is amazing!

We also spent some time at Focus on the Family, as Raelea was beside herself with excitement to go to Whit's End.  Even my big kids had a great time there!!
Other activities for the week included going down in an underground gold mine, visiting Cripple Creek, and paying a quick visit to the Air Force Academy.

 This was our home away from home for the week.  The camper served us well on its maiden voyage.
Despite the moments of Forced Family Fun ("Do we have to go on another hike?!!!!"), I think everyone really enjoyed the time there.  We were all very happy to sleep in our own beds again, though. 

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