How Did This Happen?

One day they start kindergarten, and the next thing you know they're graduating from college!  People told me it would be like this. "Oh, the time goes by so fast," they'd say.  I'd nod in agreement, but not really realize what they were telling me.

So, in the blink of an eye, Evan went from this...

To this....

Well, the day has arrived.  My firstborn little bundle of joy, is now a college graduate.  Eleven years of homeschool, two years at a community college, and two years at the University of Minnesota, and presto!  College graduate.  And magna cum laude, at that.

Congratulations, Evan!  We couldn't be prouder of you!


  1. Congratulations, Evan! We're very proud of you!

  2. Well done, both to parents and the graduate. My recent cum laude graduate daughter is single. Just sayin'.

  3. And He is only 19!!! That is so wonderful!!! Congratulations to Evan!! Also well done to you mom and dad!!


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