How Can This Be?

I'm allergic to a city. I kid you not!  I have spring allergies. They have hardly been noticeable this year, until yesterday. Everything was fine at home, but then I had to drive Molly to Minneapolis. As I was driving through Bloomington, my eyes suddenly started itching severely. That was unique, but even more so because when I got to Minneapolis I was fine again. On the way home the same thing happened.  I had to go up to Bloomington again last night and started having an allergic reaction while there.

Now, as in right now,  I'm sitting at Molly's flute teacher's house, in Bloomington, and trying not to scratch my eyes out. Honestly, I think I'm allergic to Bloomington!

I wonder how they test for that?!


  1. If it was Bloomington, IN, the answer would be obvious: proximity to Hoosiers. As a Purdue grad, that definitely causes me to have violent allergic reactions.

    1. Ha! That's funny, Paula! But, no, Bloomington, MN. When I was writing this though I was thinking of all the states that have cities named Bloomington. It's a pretty popular name :-)


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