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I've been meaning to write this post for quite some time, as there is a bit of a fashion disagreement over here!  You see, I am the proud mother of a fashion-obsessed daughter who will  remain nameless (she's 15).

We frequently get boxes (large boxes) of hand-me-down clothes from friends and family.  Recently, we received oodles of clothes from someone.  After the kids went through the box and took anything they wanted, I went through the box and grabbed a few items that would fit me :-)  Upon donning the shirt you see here..My dear daughter was MORTIFIED that I was wearing this shirt, and she informed me that that I could not wear it because, "I was a mom!"

Fast-forward to today...

I came into the kitchen dressed like this...
Same daughter informed me that I should NOT tuck in my shirt. The reasoning wasn't quite clear to me, but it had something to do with age or maybe the rise on my jeans not being right for tucking shirts in.

Hmm, now I have not really given a rip about fashion for about three decades, but I thought I would come to you all and let you help settle this debate in our household.  Please take the ANONYMOUS survey below and give me your HONEST opinion.  Really, I won't know who you are, but I am interested in your age.  I'll leave it open for a few days and then let you know what the results are.

Don't worry about hurting my feelings. I have three teenagers, my feelings are frequently trampled on, I'm used to it :-)


  1. I just want to say that it's pretty funny that you're in almost exactly the same pose in both pictures. :)

  2. It's how I look best :-) The pics were taken minutes apart from each other specifically for the blog:-)

  3. I cannot take the survey from my phone. Hollister shirt is fine--I wouldn't wear it, but I don't prefer large names across my chest. I also prefer shirts untucked. I don't think it looks bad on you tucked in, but I would not do so.

    I am 41.

  4. Thank you anonymous 41 year old. I will record your answers :-)

  5. Sorry Nina but in my book you are cool no matter what! If I was thin like you I would wear my tops tucked in. Now I just try to hide that eight baby stomach. It does not work,though.

    I just helped Elena color her hair pink for a party. Ha! Not much older that she is now I colored mine black. Remember?

    love you, tina

  6. Tina, I DO rememebrr your black hair! You always look great! You have what I consider an inherent sense of style, and you are beautiful inside and out!

    Love you!


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