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Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Time

You can only hold on to sumer for so long. Eventually, you have to admit defeat and give in to the inevitable fact that it is OVER!  This is something I resist every year, as I am not a fan of winter, but even I must admit that my hopes for another Indian Summer are probably in vain.

I turned on the furnace this week.

I brought my winter clothes out of storage.

I evan wore a winter coat a few days this week.

Now, it has come to this as well...

The basil is being harvested.  We've fought the good fight: planting, watering, pruning, covering up on cold nights - but it is time to let it go.  :-(

The killing frost most certainly is only a day or two away.  So, I will make a couple more batches of pesto and leave the basil to fend for itself out in the garden. 

I'm sorry, Basil, I've resigned myself to the inevitable.  So long!

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