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Because it's MY blog, I can shamelessly plug any organization I wish, whenever I wish. I love the power!!! Mwahahaha.

We spent the evening at Feed My Starving Children with my extended family, packing meals for starving children all over the world. For those of you in MN (or the Chicago area), I HIGHLY encourage you to volunteer a little time there. Trust me, it's a blast - very, very fun - and it is a wonderful organization. For those of you outside of MN, feel free to give $$. One meal for one child costs just 17 cents. As I was putting my spare change into a jar at the door of the place I thought about the movie Schindler's List. At the very end of the movie, when Schindler is in tears and he's is saying something along the lines of, "I could have done more. This ring would have saved __ lives..."

How much we have and how much that money could do to change the lives of people in need....

We spent about an hour packing meals (along with some other groups there. In that hour enough meals were packed to feed 38 children for a year. Amazing! How such a small thing on our part can reap such huge dividends.

In addition to helping the needy, volunteering at FMSC also allows you (and those you love) to see how lovely you look in a hair net. That in and of itself is worth a trip over there.


  1. Wow, you all look smashing in the hair nets, good work!

  2. Looks very fun Barb.I have never heard of it. The hair nets are very cute. Even cute Zoe has one on in your backpack!So sweet.


    It is interesting you mention the Shindler's List scene. The Shindler's List scene you mentioned was our driving force in adopting the six kids. I still think of it every time I look around at all the stupid things I wasted money on like my sewing stuff or wasted homeschooling things.I will still think if we did not get this or that it could have been one or two more children.I can just kick myself for holding on so tightly to things that do not really matter which hinders us from being free to do more. Just rambling. Anyway that scene really motivates me.

  3. Yes, I think the hair nets may become all the rage in the fashion world! They look so nice on anyone :-)

    Tina, yes, I know the feeling of holding on too tightly to worldly possessions! It is so good for me to get proper perspective through serving at places like this. I did think of Marcus and Zoe a lot while we were there. If not for being placed for adoption, they would have been in need of these meals. Hard to fathom!


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