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Monday, December 30, 2013


Hey, guess what?  I'm going to write a post about music!  Big surprise, I know!

Actually, I am not going to "force" you to listen to any of my favorite music today.  (well, maybe later, but not right now)

I've been thinking lately, that for someone who obsesses as much about music as I do, I don't really listen to it all that often.  Seriously!  Many days (most?) I don't listen to music at all.  I play music (on my dulcimer or French horn) almost daily, but just listening to it....it just doesn't happen as much as you'd think. How can that be?

I've determined that it comes down to one thing.  When I listen to music it is an all-consuming activity.  It is not something to have going on in the background and, heaven forbid, it's certainly not something to hold a conversation over.  When I listen, I want to really connect with the lyrics, the voice or the drum line (yes, I'm a drum fanatic, too).  It's not just an aural experience for me, I want to "feel" the music.

Living in a house with nine people means there is precious little uninterrupted time in my day, thus precious little music-listening time. 

There you have it.  A music post with no music in it.

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