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Monday, September 9, 2013

Memories Made


I'm home.  Back from that little festival I went to.  After an amazing weekend, great music, precious little sleep and 12 hours in the car, I'm a little emotional.

Instead of a weepy, reminiscing post I will sum up the weekend in some short phrases or words - each one has a story (stories) behind it, each one carries a precious memory of my time in Guthrie...OH!  now I've done it, I'm crying....


Here's the list...

  1. Sisters of the Road (Oh, man, I'm crying again!)
  2. Hugs!
  3. Ivan
  4. HOT
  5. Graffiti
  6. Dust
  7. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
  8. Wal-mart
  9. Bastille
  10. Rythm of the Night
  11. Walking
  12. 5:00 AM
  13. Ice
  14. Security Guards
  15. WATER!
  16. The Vaccines
  17. "We love you!"  **usually said to #14 because of #13 and #15
  18. Adam
  19. Kansas
  20. Half Moon Run
  21. Lucy
  22. Hair freedom
  23. Tattoo
  24. "If you close your eyes...."
  25. God
  26. Spring
  27. Barrier
  28. Drum stick
  29. Mumford & Mums
  30. Sunscreen
  31. Sweat
I'll stop now. Feel free to ask for the story behind any of those, if you're interested.  I'd be happy to share memories with those that are interested.  For now, a few pictures...

FINALLY, I got to hug some of my Sisters of the Road!!  Notice the intensely happy face!

Graffiti was encouraged, so we obliged (thanks to Ben for the fine artwork!)

  • More SOTR arrived the next day!

    Molly & Ben doing the festival thing in Guthrie.

    Sunrise at the queue.

    Waiting for gates

    Barrier spot secured.  LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG wait in the heat.  Ice in a bottle is a glorious gift!

    Notice how much happier they look now that the sun has set!!!  It's almost Mumford time!!

    As I've said before, it doesn't matter if there are 100 people or 30,000 people at the concert if they're all behind you!  And yes, there were 30,000 people there.

    Just about the only decent picture I got of M & S.  I'm lousy at taking concert pictures and I would MUCH rather just enjoy the show.  And enjoy it I did...thoroughly...even though I had just seen them three days prior...and no I am not obsessed....okay, maybe just a little bit....

    Oh, one last thing....
    it's mine now :-D


    1. Wow Barb! this thing you have is contagious! I can't stop thinking about M&S now! I am so happy you had a great time in Guthrie!


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