I'm On To Something

Chris and I have both been daydreaming about taking a vacation.  Not the driving 16 hours with seven kids, to camp and have to cook meals over a Coleman stove.  No, the type of vacation that involves relaxation and no kids.  Yeah, that type of vacation.

Well, truth be told, that ain't happening anytime soon!  Something about certain children not doing too well when Mom and Dad are gone...and then there's the trying to make arrangements for places for the kids and pets to stay...It just ain't happening.

We need a Plan B.  I think I've come up with one.

As of today, I am going to start labeling any errand I take without a child in tow as a mini-vacation!  Wow, I may get to go on three or four vacations a WEEK with this new plan!!  Trip to Aldi....vacation!  Trip to Walgreens....vacation!  Trip to the dentist....VACATION! (I even get to lay down on that one and close my eyes!)

Brilliant!!  It IS a brilliant plan!


  1. A trip to the bathroom...mini-vacation. Now that Lily is 5 and chillin' with me as I use the restroom is not as fun for her as it was at say age 4, I get a few mini-vacations a day. She still sits outside the door but as long as I do not see or hear her...trip to the bathroom...mini-vacation!

    opps...I abandoned this comment half finished and about an hour later, two views of We are the World Africa and Haiti, as well as a grocery list for Jeff I noticed I did not hit publish. Sorry about that!!

    1. Oh yes, the mini-mini-vacation to the bathroom! I love those as well!


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