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Monday, November 14, 2011

It's In The Blood

In case you're wondering where my interest in the hammered dulcimer came from - it's in my blood apparently.  Literally.  You see, I am related to John McCutcheon, who happens to be a master dulcimer player.  He and my dad are second cousins.  Just thought you'd like to know this little bit of trivia :-)

Now if I can just get him to give me lessons....

Actually, I didn't know that John played the dulcimer until this past week!  I knew he was a well-known folk musician and I knew I was related to him, but I did not know that he played the dulcimer.  Truthfully, the person who made me want to learn the dulcimer was the late Rich Mullins who, aside from being an amazing musician, was an amazing person as well.

Can you tell that I am anxiously awaiting the call that my dulcimer has arrived in Minnesota???

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