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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good To Know

We have a handy-dandy budget/accounting program that monitors our spending and sends us timely reminders.  Well, last night I received an e-mail stating that I had "Exceeded budget for Coffee Shops."

Who knew!

I didn't even KNOW I had a budget for coffee shops!  Wow!  This is indeed good news! 

First order of business, up the budget for said coffee shops!


  1. Do you use Mint? I do a little bit. And, anyway, I thought you were a tea drinker?! What are you doing in coffee shops!

  2. Yes, we use Mint. I like how it automatically enters stuff from our bank and credit card. Very helpful. As for the coffee shops, well....it's all my kids' fault. They turned me on to these coffee drinks - never straight coffee. Yuck! But, don't worry, I am still primarily a tea drinker, which I can also get at coffee shops :-)

  3. Those coffee shops will get you every time! I had to downgrade to Macdonalds coffee drinks. Part because of were we live and part cost. Now that I am use to Macdonalds coffees, Starbucks and Caribou are too strong for me! Tea is just too thin and see-through for me.

  4. You NEED a blog posting noting M&S's multiple grammy nominations!! By the way you may want to listen to Holocene by Bon Iver.



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