Spring Has Sprung

How do I know this?  Certainly not because the flowers are starting to come up outside!  No, on the contrary, the flowers are still buried under snow :-(

No, I know that spring has sprung because Nina has started her annual spring henna-fest, where everyone who steps foot in our house gets a henna tattoo courtesy of Nina.  You see, there is no point in doing henna in Minnesota in the winter because we never show any of our skin from November to March.  The only place anyone would see a henna tattoo on a Minnesotan in the winter would be on their forehead.

Anyway, here are some of her creations...

Isn't she talented?


  1. We should come visit and give her some practice. :)

  2. Nina is VERY talented! Our girls would have great fun! Does she braid hair as well? It would be a fun time!

  3. No, she doesn't braid, but it would still be a blast to get all the girls together for a little henna and hair spa :-). We should do it!


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