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Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Official Apology

Dear Mr. Asko Dishwasher,
I would like to extend a formal written apology to you.  Please forgive me for the unkind words I have spoken regarding your ability to clean my dishes.  The unfavorable comments made while I rewashed load after load of dishes over the past year were, I have since discovered, unjustified.

You see, Mr. Dishwasher, upon the recent replacement of your fellow appliance, Mr. Water Softener, my dishes are suddenly coming out of you sparkling clean.  So now, I recognize my error.  It was not you, my dear dishwasher, who was failing me; it was Mr Water Softener the whole time.  You were trying your best, I now understand, to clean my dishes, but the job was....impossible.

Please forgive me!  I now understand that you are a wonderful dishwasher and a credit to all things Swedish!

Your owner
with sparkling dishes once again

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