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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ten Reasons

I'm getting a little tired of winter and subzero temperatures, so now is the perfect time for...

Top Ten Reasons Why A Long, Cold Winter Is Good

1. It keeps away the really BIG insects.
2. It keeps away the really BIG poisonous snakes.
3. It keeps me from getting too much vitamin D.
4. Naps don't seem like a waste of precious time when it's below zero outside.
5. I go to bed earlier just to get warm.
6. We don't have to worry about malaria or yellow fever.
7. I don't have to mow the lawn every week for about six months out of the year.
8. No one is tracking in mud or grass clippings when they come inside.
9. It's easy to hide a few extra pounds under all these closthes.
10. Um, let me think, I know it will come to me....oh, yeah, I appreciate the 12 weeks of summer all the more!

There you have it!  Ten whole reasons why I should be thankful that it is FREEZING out there.  The power of positive thinking.

It's not working.......


  1. 11. When it DOES get above 20 degrees, it feels like summer!

    Did you see the forecast for next week? :)

  2. Yes, and let's not forget
    #12 You burn more calories trying to keep warm.


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