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Monday, April 12, 2010

Airline Tickets

Evan & I are going to Scotland in August for the World Pipe Band Championship (YAY!). He's going to compete. I'm going to tool around Scotland and see the sights while he is practicing :-)
Anyway, my problem is that I need to buy our tickets and, being the bargain hunter that I am (never, never, never pay full-price), I'm not sure how to get the best deal.

So, I'm appealing to my world-traveling blog readers to give me some advice. How do you get the best deal on airline tickets? I've been told that tickets are cheaper if you buy them on Monday or Tuesday. Not sure if that's true or not, but I have been keeping an eye on them.

Should I buy now or wait until closer to August? I just don't know! I know of someone who got their tickets for under $1000, so I am kind of holding out for that, but haven't seen prices that low quite yet (that's not totally true, I did see prices that low if I wanted an 8-hour lay over on our return flight. Um, no thank you).

Anyway, any advice you all have would be greatly appreciated :-)

While you type in all your advice, I'm off to search all the discount ticket websites...


  1. I use three websites regularly:

    Sometimes your best bet is to try the airline company's direct website. It is usually cheaper to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Buy tickets as soon as possible. Prices will only go up. If you know how to travel light (really light) you could fly into the cheapest UK airport and then hop around with Ryanair. They have SUPER cheap flights but are well known for having extra fees for just about everything. I never expect to pay under 1000 when traveling in August....
    This is BY FAR my most valuable piece of advice that I could ever give to a pond hopper. Are you reading carefully? This is not to be taken lightly....AVOID IBERIA AT ALL COSTS! I mean ALL costs!!
    In bocca al lupo!

  2. Maria,
    Thanks for the advice! I will check out those websites.

    As for luggage, we won't have too much stuff, but because of Evan's bagpipe competition he will have his pipes and uniform and then there's the clothes for the week, etc.

    Thanks for the advice on Iberia. I'll stay away from them. What are your thoughts about British Midland?


  3. I don't know anything about British Midland. I've had good experiences with AirFrance...

  4. Thanks, Maria. It looks like we will probably fly Icelandair as it is one of the cheapest, most direct flights from here.


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