Let There Be Light

Do you remember waaayyyyyy back in January when I did a post about remodeling the kitchen? Well, it's been a bit of a slow process, to say the least.  It's not that we haven't wanted to get it done, it's just that there was precious little time with work and school and such. 

Well, my dear, sweet, wonderful, and oh-so-talented hubby has now redone the lighting in my kitchen!  To really understand how very excited I am about this, you need to realize that my kitchen was little more than a dark cave.  Seriously!  It had two sets of track lighting, one of which only had two lights on it.  This for a room that is approximately 26' x 13'.  I could barely see what I was cutting on the counter-top (which wasn't always a bad thing). 

Anyway, now, I have a wonderfully lit kitchen space! Every little nook and cranny is bright!  I am beyond happy!!!

Next up, redoing the ceiling, counter-top, backsplash and walls.....

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