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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Now You're Talking

Chris uttered those wonderful words to me the other night....

"Let's talk about remodeling the kitchen."

YES! ***Barb does the happy dance through the house***

It didn't take me long to do this....
You should all be proud of me that I didn't start tearing off wallpaper until after I got the go-ahead!  It hasn't always been so.  I have been known to start tearing off wall paper while Chris is at work to, shall we say,....push....the redecorating issue.  If he wasn't planning on redecorating before, a little missing wall paper will make it necessary to do now!

This time, I waited....except for that little piece I tore off by the sink a few years ago.....

I hate wall paper, by the way. I take great pleasure in ripping it from my walls with great vim and vigor!  The wall paper didn't have to come off quite yet, but it was something I could begin with...to make it feel like the project is indeed underway.

Stay tuned for posts on new lighting (and lots of it), new paint, and new countertops/sink.

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