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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Memories Were Made, Feet Were Frozen

Sorry for the delay in getting you the detailed description of our concert adventure! Lack of sleep, post-concert depression, and adult responsibilities all prevented a post concert post.  They did not prevent me from uploading my concert pictures to Facebook, however! If you care to, you can view those photos here.

For those that care for a somewhat detailed account of our adventure, here you go...

We got to the venue around 3:00, and discovered that there were about 40 to 50 people in line already, despite the 25 degree weather.  This was only temporarily disheartening, as we were aware of something that the people in line were not, that being that the venue opens doors on two sides of the entrance and the doors are fed from two different line.  Sooooooo, we promptly and without great fanfare, started line #2 on the adjacent side of First Avenue, thus placing us at the very front of the line.

The lesson in that story is: know your venue, folks!

It was cold!!  We had a few "band member sightings" while waiting in line.  We high-fived Kyle as he walked by, and I got a wave out of Dan when he discovered we spotted him across the street. I also spoke about five words to Kyle when he was locked out of the venue and came to our door to try to get in...poor guy! My dear, sweet hubby brought us coffee, and by us, I mean, half of the people in the line.  We made lots of friends :-) Did I mention it was cold?

When doors finally opened at 6:00 we made a dash for the barrier and secured prime spots there.  Can I just say once again, it was cold out?  We were so happy to be inside a heated building, oh, and being at the barrier was pretty sweet as well.

Opening act was To Kill A King, and they were great.  They put on a great show.  Bastille came next and they did an amazing show!  If you go to my FB pictures you can see the set list, which was tossed to us after the show.

While the concert was over quite early, we stuck around for a looooong time, hoping to get pictures with the band.  Unfortunately, they never came out.  We discovered the next day that they were next door in The Depot, and if we had gone in there we could have chatted with them.  Live and learn, I guess.

It was a great time! Just to prove it, I will leave you with a video someone made of the song Poet.  I was SO happy that they sang it, as it is one of my favorites!  To get your bearings, I was directly in front of the two drums to Dan's left.

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