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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Come On In

I tell my friends they can stop by anytime - no need to call ahead, my door is always open. I mean it.  I love having visitors!  Just be forewarned that if you do stop by unannounced, my house will NOT look like the cover of a magazine.  My children may be dressed strangely, my counters may not be wiped off, and there WILL be dirty socks on the floor.  I'm okay with you seeing that; I hope you're okay with seeing that, too.  We do life over here...and I'm not a particularly neat person.

That said, I do get slightly self-conscious (or is it home-conscious?) when we INVITE people over who haven't been here before.  Next week we are having "new" people over, and I'm already stressing a little about it.  I am starting to look around at my house and notice....things.  Things which may not be "normal" to our guests...Things which may, or may not, still be laying around when our guests show up.

For instance...I'm guessing MOST people don't have a chipmunk pelt tacked to their wall.

The bag of feed corn under the dulcimer table probably isn't too normal either.

How about a vase stuffed with Starbuck's coffee bags (those aren't going anywhere by the way, as they are worth a free cup of coffee!)

Then there's the shelf of dying plants in the basement

Speaking of dying, the hamster died this week, and his cage is still sitting there.

You mean you don't have a cooler of water bottles sitting in your kitchen?  Why not?

Oh, and then there's this guy!  I think we'll keep him around, too.

So if you're invited to my house next week, could you please try to overlook the above items?  Except for, maybe, Aidan.  You don't have to ignore him.

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  1. Do you know anywhere I could buy a corn bag for my toes at night?


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