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Friday, November 29, 2013

Guess What God Did

Nine days ago, I posted about Molly's bunny being very, very sick.  And so he was.  The vet examined him and determined he probably had an intestinal blockage or ate something poisonous.  She also said he was showing signs of severe neurological damage.  His temp was 94 degrees (bunnies normally have a temp of 101 or so).  He could not use his front legs at all.

Although the vet suggested we euthanize him, we opted to bring him home and take care of him until the end came.  In the meantime, we requested prayers for his healing.  Many of you (and your children) have faithfully prayed that Starburst would get better.  Surely if not a sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing about it, he would be concerned with our little rabbit as well.

We went about caring for Starburst's basic needs - making sure he was getting food and water.  We made his cage "handicap accessibly" so he could manage without the use of his front paws.  We gave him water out of a syringe.  We hand fed him hay and alfalfa.

I didn't spend much time with him yesterday because of the holiday, but he seemed to be doing better.  Today, when I went to check on him in the morning, he was standing on both front paws, hopping around perfectly normal, cleaning his little ears....everything...completely normal!

Soooooo, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who prayed for his healing.  In the grand scheme of life, a bunny is really a small, small matter, but the fact that God cared about this very small matter just reminds me that He cares about all that concerns me!

Yay, God!


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  1. I have actually taken a pet mouse to the vet before, so I'm all about full nurturing for the little dudes. I am thrilled your bunny made a complete recovery. God is awesome.


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