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Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Good Music

I know you've come to expect posts on Mumford & Sons, Castlecomer, Dawes and Ben Kyle, but tonight I bring to you some new (to me) bands.  Have a listen.

First up, a band I just discovered (on Twitter of all places), just this week, and immediately went out and bought their album.  I REALLY like them... a lot!  They're called Air Review, and here's a taste of their music.

Next up is a band called The Dunwells.  Apparently they are a couple brothers and cousins....sounds like another band I know and love! Oh, and The Dunwells are playing at the Dakota on July 31.  How convenient!

Lastly, a band that's a little more famous....that I LOVE!  Bastille!

Now if Castlecomer and Bastille would only tour together....in Minnesota...I just might keel over and die from musical bliss!  (Not to mention the amazing hair!)  A girl can dream, can't she?

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