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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stocking Stuffers

I have a problem!  I can't stop buying stocking stuffers.  It doesn't matter how many I've already purchased, I continually find "the perfect thing for a stocking."

This is causing my husband much angst.  He would like to limit the stuffing of stockings to a few gifts (preferably along the lines of deodorant), some fruit and nuts. I, on the other hand, think stocking should be overflowing with fun little things, lots of chocolate, a clementine, and more fun little things.  Some things belong in the stocking because of their size, other things because of their price (regardless of size).  I can't remember the last time all of the stocking stuffers actually FIT in the stocking.

Well, Chris & I agreed (albeit him half-heartedly) to ONLY four stocking stuffer gifts.  So, dutifully I purchased four gifts for each stocking...except I seem to have forgotten that I had ALREADY purchased some stuffers a few months ago...planning ahead and all....

Tonight, when we stuff said stockings, methinks there will be a few more than four gifts in each :-)

Now, lest you think I go overboard on gifts, it's not so....really!  We buy three gifts for each child - one "toy", one clothing gift and one "personal development" gift (which means anything that might be remotely "educational," ie, musical instrument, logic sort of game, etc.)

So, you see, it's just the stockings with which I get totally out-of-control.  And that is why it is unanimous among my children that the stockings are the best part of present opening!  As it should be!

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