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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Party

No party post is complete without pictures, so here are a few pictures from the Valentine's Party Evan and Co. threw yesterday...

Here are three of the guys getting ready for the big night.
It wasn't long before the guest started to arrive.  The gentlemen parked the ladies cars for them and escorted them to the house.
Then dinner was served.  Our dining room was quite packed  :-)

Apparently the ladies were quite touched by the dinner.

The dessert (trifle) was excellent!

 After dinner the ladies reclined in the living room.

And enjoyed some musical entertainment.

As well as other forms of entertainment...

I think it's safe to say the ladies had a grand time!


  1. Very nice! Monday night I went on to Elena's facebook and looked at close to all 190 or so pictures Evan posted. What a fun night it must have been! Brings me back to our college days doesn't it? Now do all those girls go to either bethlehem or Normandale? I have not seen Daniel B.,Katie V. or Erica P. for years! And gee I changed Austin D's diaper when he was a baby. Time sure goes fast. Evan looked very handsom as well. What a neat thing for them to do! Way to go raising amaizing kids Barb and Chris!

  2. Yes, Tina, it does bring back memories of our college days! I was thinking about how the dads of sone of these boys did the same sort of thing for us when we were in college :-). Strangely, I keep referring to Daniel B. as Steve! My kids look at me funny and say, "Who's Steve?"

    It is very fun to see these kids grow up, many that we've known their whole lives. These kids are all peoe from Normandale. Most are Evergreeners, but not all. They are just the folks that Evan hangs with at school - really they are his closest friends. What a great bunch! The guys were at our house all afternoon preparing. For severeal hours Evan wasn't even home, but the other kids and I got to spend time with these really exceptional young men.


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