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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Was Lost

Without my internet AND without my telephone!  It appears that a very short power outage on Monday night fried our modem/router thing-a-ma-bobby on our computer and, lo and behold, we could not get on the internet OR use our telephone.  Bummer!

Now, the power outage and the subsequent damage was not Charter Communications fault, BUT the fact that they said they would come out and fix it yesterday, but then didn't show WAS their fault.  Grrr.  Actually, when Chris called them they said they would come out and fix it on Monday (as in a week from when it went out)!???  Oh, sure, we can do without a working telephone for a week...hello, people!  Anyway, he convinced them that they really could come out earlier and they said they would be out yesterday.  So, I hung around the house (for the most part) and when 4:45 rolled around I get an automated message from them.  The only part of the message that was understandable was "Charter Communication" and "Wednesday."  They have some serious problems with their automated message system.

Anyway, the second time is apparently a charm, and a technician showed up today at the scheduled time and fixed all of our electrical woes.  :-D

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