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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bears, Backs, and Bad Weather

These are a few of my least favorite things...

Well, not always.

Just when I'm going into the Boundary Waters.

We leave for the Quetico a week from today.  I can't wait to get away from civilization and relax, but one of the problems with getting away from civilization is that you are away from civilization.

That brings us to the above list. 

Bears.  I am afraid of bears.  Not so afraid that I won't go camp in their habitat, but afraid enough that I will volunteer to sleep in the middle of the tent, as I'm sure the bears will go for my friends on the outside walls....sorry, ladies, self-preservation is a strong feeling in me!  And while Molly and my sister may be sleeping out in the hammocks at night, there is NO WAY you'd catch me out there!

Backs. I am actually in favor of backs.  They are very helpful when portaging packs and canoes....provided that they are working properly....which mine is not currently. I have seven days to get my back in a condition where it can support me and a 48 pound canoe...at the same time...in an upright position...over a rocky, hilly portage...Currently, I celebrated because I could hoist my left leg into the car without using my hands to lift it up when I went to the store this morning.  Yay for progress!  It's going to have to come in miracle proportions in the next seven days!  I don't think the six other people are going to want to portage me!

Last, but not least, bad weather.  I am a big fan of bad weather when I'm safely at home.  I love watching the trees bend, the lightning...I love it.  Not such a big fan of it when: a) you have no way to get advanced warning (i.e., no radio or sirens), b) you have no place to hide from it and c) you are surrounded by lots and lots of trees just waiting to topple onto your tent.  If you think I exaggerate, you can read about the Boundary Waters Blowdown that occurred in 1999.  While that happened 15 years ago, just last week a storm trapped several campers underneath trees, and they needed to be rescued...which up there is challenging, as you need to either be portaged out or get to a lake big enough to land a float plane on.  Let's just say, "help is on the way" means "help is paddling in to find you after you send someone out to let them know you are in trouble."

Like I said, I can't wait for our trip!!!!!  Really, I can't! But you can bet I'm praying that my back heals and that the weather is peaceful while we're there.  I don't pray about the bears....

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